Sunday, 14 February 2010

Winter Olympics - Opening Ceremony

I am a sucker for big ceremonies like this - I always get a little choky.  This one was especially poingant given the death of he Georgian luge competitor earlier in the day. 

Bottom line:  I loved it! The "Welcome to Country" ceremony was incredible, and I loved that they brought the competitors in right at the beginning so that they got to watch.  I also loved that everybody in the stadium got to participate in some way - even it it was just by banging drums or waving lights.  It's still "participation" and adds to their memories of being there.

I do think that Nelly Furtado could have re-thought her wardrobe - I was just WAITING for her to go A over T in those silly heels and her dress could have been a little less tight.

My kudos for the event, though, go to the prairie indians in those gorgeous coloured outfits. When the athletes marched, everybody was "dancing" - well, more shuffling from side to side, but these colourful guys were jumping and prancing and just throwing their whole hearts into it.  And to do it through the whole parade shows incredible stamina!

And now onto the competition - I love the figure skating and bobsleigh (both of which have Aussies competing), but also have a love for curling (gotta love a game where the sporting implements are a large rock and brooms!). 

Go Aussies!

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