Friday, 23 April 2010

Fruit & Vege Delivery

I've been a subscriber for a couple of years of Farm Fresh Central here in Brisbane ( Yesterday I decided to give them a go. I ordered a small fruit and vege box ($30.00) and 1kg sausages ($5.00). You see, I don't much like the fruit & vege in the supermarkets, and my favourite fruit & vege shop (Farmer Joe's) has closed due to the Airport Tunnel project. (Apparently they will not be re-opening).

Well, my box of fruit and vege arrived today and I'm really happy with it. A really nice selection – spuds, onions, a leek, a sweet potato, lovely lettuce, couple of cucumbers, beans, half a cauliflower, half a rockmelon, grapes, carrots, oranges, apples and some tomatoes. I had an apple and it was lovely.

I'll definitely be getting this regularly!

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