Sunday, 13 June 2010

No phone or Internet sucks and History Alive 2010

Well, since 5 June, I've had no internet or phone connection. It took them a week to work out what I knew on 5 June – that's not the modem, it's actually a line problem. As it's a long weekend here this weekend, no chance of a technician until Tuesday. If I'm lucky.


Of course, if they don't come Tuesday, then I will probably have to take another day off to wait for them. Added to the fun of, if the problem is actually in the building I live in, then I have to pay $230 for the technician.


Just what I needed! NOT!!


As a result of this, I've been haunting the local Maccas using their wifi, and have no discovered that BCC libraries now have free unlimited connection (when I last saw the info, you had to book and it was an hour – just like using their own computers).


So – library was a bugger to setup (make it easy? Why would they do that?) but now am here and computing.


I hope that this gets fixed soon – I am not coping too well, apart from missing Ste so much that I've been crying myself to sleep.


Fortunately, this morning at 6.30am (too cold, too dark, but worth it) I was back at Maccas because he could get online (don't go there – he's having computer problems too) and we could talk. Which we did. Until the batteries on my laptop ran out. It was good though. Long, long chat about him moving out here. Am so looking forward and needing that too!!


Yesterday, Mari and I went to History Alive at Fort Lytton – and it was fun to go to something like that when I didn't have to garb up, or have any responsibilities. Where else would you see a Roman centurion taking to a WWII digger??


The funniest bit, though, was just as the High Medieval (15th century) tourney was starting, a navy patrol boat came up the river! Great fun!


It was good to see friends there, although even with sunscreen I go a little burned (yes, Mari. I know), and the rough ground had my knee protesting towards the end (I actually had to go sit down for a while) and I ended up last night using a heat pack on it as I could barely walk.


Still – worth it for a good day.

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