Saturday, 29 May 2010

Getting down to cooking...

I am totally in love with the Mixed Box from!


For the last two fortnights, I'm getting one automatically delivered and it means I've been doing so much more cooking each weekend – but it also means lots more healthy eating!!


The crock pot (slow cooker) is out and has been busy the last couple of weeks. Last weekend I did both Potato and Leek soup and Pumpkin and Bacon soup. Yummy to get home from work and have a nice mug of home made soup!


I wasn't as happy with the Pumpkin soup – not enough pumpkin to make it really thick and it was a little sweet (used butternut pumpkin) for my taste. Next time I'll use Kent or Qld Blue. However, the Potato & Leek was terrific (had the last of it for lunch today).


Today the crockpot has been really busy making curried sausages and I'm looking forward to some of that for lunch tomorrow.


I'm getting a good variety of fruit and vege in each box. There is some wasteage – I just can't eat it all in the fortnight (specially a whole lettuce – I'm not overly fond of lettuce) but with winter a lot of the vege can be turned into soup towards the end of the fortnight.


I am looking forward to seeing what I get as the seasons turn!

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